Everything Etsy Gift Guide

I should have thought of this earlier, but next year is going to be my Everything etsy Christmas. The site seriously has the best gifts ever. Here are a few things I'm completely obsessing over: this adorable bowl - I can picture my Cheerios in it now; this hand-dyed tote, which is perfect for work or the gym; this beaded plant hanger, which I want to figure out how to make - remember when I made this?!; this fun little tray made by my friends Joy + Noelle; this dainty gold ring and this perfect dish to keep it safe; and this gorgeous leather wallet. 

Happy shopping. I hope you have a few hours to kill because you're gonna need it!

Holiday Hostess Gifts

Ever since I can remember, my mother always put a gift in my hand before I went over to someone's house. Sometimes it was a tin of cookies or a bouquet of flowers. Other times, it was something she bought on her daily trip to TJ Maxx or a gift that was supposed to be for someone else (possibly me) that she forgot to give them the previous year. Whatever it was, it was a token of appreciation for opening up their home for me. In fact, she still shoves gifts at me to bring back to my in-laws and friends. 

Pretty soon, my schedule will be packed with holiday parties and I'll be at the door with gift in hand, just like my mother taught me. These are just a few ideas I have in mind:

  • this corkcicle - kind of amazing. I don't know who wouldn't love a cork that chills your wine
  • this marble slab, which is the perfect elegant touch for any kitchen
  • and this tray - how lovely is this tray!
  • candles are always great, especially when they smell like roses and blackcurrant leaves
  • and this vase - I'm obsessed with this mini speckled vase 

Pinterest: Where Dreams Are Made

Hey y'all! I'm feeling kinda southern because I just spent 36 hours in ATL! If you haven't been, you need to go. It's such a cool city - nothing like I expected. Everyone is super hip, kinda punk and really outgoing. I was there for work filming a YouTube video for my client (behind the camera, of course!) and I got such a positive vibe from the city.

Anyway, I'm currently on a plane right now and started to mess around with Pinterest. My Pinterest interest comes and goes...for some reason, I'm just not sold on it yet. But every now and then, I get hooked and tonight was one of those nights. I thought I would share a few of the inspiring images I just pinned to my Honey I'm Home board. Aren't they dreamy?! I would love to check out your style, so if you're one of those crazy obsessed pinners, click Let's Be Friends and follow me. I'll be sure to follow you back. I need y'all to get me to fall in love with Pinterest!!!

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