Hi guys! This is Jamie - Jamie Claire to be exact. I was named after my grandparents Clara Mae and James hence the name of the blog!

I recently made the biggest decision of my life and left NYC after ten incredible years. It wasn’t an easy choice to make, but for so many reasons my hometown of Pittsburgh was calling my name. 

When I moved to New York, I landed a job in the beauty industry and everything kind of fell into place. I guess you can say I was lucky, but I also worked my butt off to live a life I knew I deserved. I never really thought I would be there that long, but I fell in love and got married and we settled in Brooklyn. Convincing a born and raised New Yorker to leave the only place he ever called home wasn’t easy either, and everyday I’m thankful for my husband’s support as I navigate this next chapter of our life together. 

Now in Pittsburgh, I'm a full-time freelancer currently working on Laura Mercier and L'Occitane. And when I'm not in PR girl mode, I'm busy being an amateur chef, stylist, beauty expert (I got this one), interior designer, wedding planner, etc. The list goes on!

I have many passions, many dreams and many plans for my future...for some reason, I was born with the inability to settle. So, here I am! I started this blog as a creative outlet to focus on the things I love and hopefully share something you will love too along the way. It's a great escape and I hope you enjoy! 

If you're interested in partnering with Clara Mae James, feel free to email me at jamie@claramaejames.com. I'd love to hear from you!



Dina Biblarz is 30-something who likes to be a 30-something. She’s currently in that stage of life right before you officially enter adulthood where you have the wisdom from your roaring 20’s, but you can still cuss, go out late and spend too much money on torn-up jeans at Barneys Co-op (why did I do that??). Right before the stage where babies are imminent and sleep is a long lost dream of a former life. She hails from California to which she attributes her sometimes-tendency to revert to a valley-girl tone and her excessive usage of the word “dude” to mean just about anything.Her longest relationship is with the city of New York, and she falls in love with it more every day. Coming in at a close second is her husband, with whom she married on a beautiful horse ranch in California, and without whose partnership, she would be nothing. She thinks of blogging as a way to extend the creativity of her pursuits, and hopes to engage and entertain you with her thoughtfully crafted posts on everything from her life-long pursuit of the perfect bangs to her strong aversion to toe cleavage.