Beauty Chat with Claire Burke, Co-Founder of Goby

OK, so walk me through your morning beauty routine. I hop in the shower -- with Goby in hand, I’m a shower brusher! -- starting with hot water and decreasing the temperature until it’s very cold. I’ve heard this is very good for your skin, and it also has the added benefit of really waking me up! Next, I freshen up with Clarins face wash, followed by Embryolisse moisturizer. As for makeup, I stick to a pretty natural look so like to keep it simple with Glossier skin tint, stretch concealer and boy brow and Dior mascara. When I’m feeling fancy, I’ll use Anastasia’s contour kit.

What time do you wake up? Any rituals like meditation? I roll out of bed at around 7 am. I’ve been working on incorporating meditation into my routine. I downloaded Headspace a few weeks ago (a bit late to the game, I know), and I love it. It amazes me how those few minutes of mindfulness can travel far into the rest of your day. I try to drink hot water with lemon after meditating.

In the morning, what products do you use? DIY, indie, drugstore finds? Beyond the ones mentioned above, I’m a huge fan of Not Your Mother’s dry shampoo for days where I don’t wash my hair. I’m a Harry’s user, too.

Do you have a favorite toothpaste or mouthwash? I’ve been on a toothpaste craze recently -- trying to find the perfect product that keeps my mouth feeling clean for more than just the 15 minutes after I brush. Most recently I’ve been using Marvis, which has a nice balance of foam and flavor.

I have to ask. Afternoon brush? Is this something you do? I read you should just rinse with water after each meal vs. brush. Thoughts? Having been called Cavity Claire as a kid, I grew to be hyper conscious about my brushing routine. I definitely am one of those people you see carrying their toothbrush to lunch so they can sneak in an afternoon brush.

Any daytime beauty routine? Lip balm. Lip balm. Lip balm. Dior’s Creme de Rose is my favorite.

Tell me about your night time routine. Any special products? After using Clarins face wash and toner, I use Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery. I also try to do a face mask a few times a week. My favorite is Origins with active charcoal. Once I’m done brushing with my Goby, I also floss at night.