Bridal Banter

I promised that I wouldn’t turn this blog into wedding vomit, but I’m 90 days out from the big day and I can’t help it! My mind is consumed with all things wedding. I don’t want to ignore ClaraMaeJames any longer so I must concede and share the peaks and valleys of this journey…starting with Bridal Shower Outfit Drama!

Do I wear white? Do I not wear white? Long? Short? Hippy? Chic? What would Jessica Alba wear? This is what runs through my mind every night as I comb the Internet for my bridal shower dress. My top picks are above, but I need help. Pretty please?! Enter your fave in the comments and I’ll come up with a way to reward you all for your help. #swear

1. Long Crossover Japanese Print Dress

2. Frock and Frill Shift Dress with All Over Embellishment

3. Lashes Of London Smock Dress In Lace With Fluro Contrast

4. Crazy For Love Dress

5. Lydia Bright Swing Dress with Lace Top

6. ASOS Pencil Dress In Colourblock With Contrast Detail