Dina And Yuval's California Dreamy Wedding

Meet Dina. Dina and I met while working on an event together. Our relationship started by blowing up each other's inbox twice a year with silly questions about things like step-and-repeats and boiler plates. However, this all changed once we discovered that we were both engaged. We quickly bonded over the unknowns about this new chapter in our life - the separation anxiety that comes with a new last name, the pooling of finances and the thought of calling your boyfriend your family. Needless to say, we got through it, though this bonding over our similarities and parallel lives continues as we both begin to navigate through our early 30s and realize adult craft parties now sound lovely.

So again, meet Dina and meet her husband too. I'm pretty sure they met at a dinner party and I want to say it was a Jewish holiday - seems so NYC. I've only witnessed them in person once, but I've never met such strong and successful individuals who encourage, support and love each other through it all. They have cute hashtags to chronicle their journey as husband and wife and always seem to be laughing.

Without further ado, please enjoy a glimpse of their picturesque wedding nestled among the hills of Northern California.


In one word, how would you describe your wedding day? Serene

What was your inspiration? We wanted the wedding to feel like an extension of ourselves. When we finally picked the venue, everything came into focus for us: California beauty with a rustic twist. And then throughout the way we infused little parts of ourselves. The oranges at each of the placements were inspired by the orange groves that surrounded the village my mom grew up in. The favors were Israeli snacks that Yuval used to eat growing up.

What was your favorite wedding blog or website that you trolled on a daily basis? Nothing too mind blowing: Style Me Pretty and Green Wedding Shoes. Pinterest also helped me to organize and create structure.

What is the one piece of advice that you wish someone would have told you before your wedding? Find out what means the most to you about your wedding. I knew the feeling I wanted to evoke: beauty, peace and contentment. That helped me to reorganize my thoughts around my priorities. And then of course near the end I started obsessing over the little details that couldn't have mattered less! :)

What was your first dance song? Bones by Michael Kiwanuka

What is the best part of marriage? Yes, the cliche: I married my best friend. Yuval makes me giggle like a teenage girl. Marriage allowed for any of our subconscious reservations about each other to fall away and quieted the outside noise. Now, we are just us. We are silly and dance together to music while brushing our teeth. We tell each other jokes that aren't funny. We get to live our own romantic comedy together every day. Somehow the middle for us is better than the beginning. We live in the middle. We love in the middle. Safely separated from the vulnerability of the beginning and even still far away from the too comfortable companionship of the future. Everyday we learn about each other more and love each other more and I wake up thankful that I have this little precious piece of cargo sleeping next to me. My partner and my champion.

Any wise words on life as a wife? Lose your ego. Just leave it wherever you found it and don't look back. It will do nothing for you than cloud your judgement and take you in the wrong direction. Be bold and be confident and be whoever you are, but look for long term gain, not short term. Oh, and also: a good home cooked meal goes a long way.

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Wedding Dress: Ramona Kevesa | Crowns: Mordekai by Ken Borochov | Photography: Delbarr Moradi Photography | Ceremony and Reception Venue: Holman Ranch | Floral Design: Mid-Valley Florist | Catering: Paradise Catering