My Dream House in the Desert

You guys! My dream house is for sale. It's owned by my blogger idol Sarah Yates, founder of A House in the Hills. Sarah is someone that I've never met, but I feel like I know her. I've watched her career as a digital influencer take off and I continue to admire how she navigates this new territory without compromising her editorial integrity. [And if I wasn't a digital strategist at a PR firm, I would have just said that I admire her ability to stay true to herself in every post :) ] Her narrative is thoughtful, witty and most importantly real. She's also a killer interior designer and I've had my eye on her home ever since she moved in - and not in a stalker way. 

Sarah recently announced that her beautiful Palm Springs abode is for sale and I wanted to share a few pics from her house tour post. YOU. WILL. DIE. 

Ya dead?

Head over to her blog now to see more pics!