Drunk On Love

A few weeks ago before the never ending snowstorms, I decided to get back out there and shoot an outfit post that didn’t involve my backyard. To my surprise, it was pretty painless! I started resorting to areas three feet away from my home so my husband and I wouldn’t wouldn’t argue, but we saw a glimmer of hope this day that might turn things around.

You see, I have a very hard time focusing at the task at hand during outfit shoots and I constantly worry that everyone is staring at me. The result is probably the worst pictures ever and a waste of 30 minutes, not to mention a grumpy photographer aka husband. I’ve read that many bloggers have these marital spats when the husband is her partner in crime and sometimes I wish I had a #fblogger BFF so we could just frolic all day and snap pics. But I have to say, there is no one else in the whole world that can make me smile like my husband can. And although it takes countless impressions of my father around the dinner table and about 200 photos, we usually find success.

Today is my husband’s birthday and I wanted to take this time to thank him for all he’s done. I want to thank him for leaving the house on a Sunday to be my photographer when all he wants to do is watch football. I want to thank him for being patient as I build my confidence. And I want to thank him for his constant support as I develop this blog. 

I love you. xx


Shop this outfit: Coat from Coach, Sweater from Pendleton, Pants from Comptoir des Cotonnier, Boots from Jeffrey Campbell, Coffee from Cafe Grumpy