Feeling Knotty - Get It?!


You guys! I know it’s been a while, but I have a few things to share:

1. I was on a mission to cut my hair last week and A) I don’t like now and B) I’m deeply distraught because I want my hair to look like it does in these pics. Why do I make such bad decisions?! 

2. I’m literally obsessed with this white t-shirt and I keep buying it instead of washing it. Again, what is wrong with me? #issues

3. I found these sunglasses at the cutest shop in Athens, Georgia and pretty much every four-year-old in Park Slope has the same pair. Now what.

4. I almost bought a pair of Vans, but instead stumbled upon these rad Timberland sneakers. That’s correct, I said Timberland. Impressive. 

5. Zara had the biggest sale ever and I snagged this skirt. As I do with all Zara items, I completely messed up the laundering situation (reason = tag…) and it shrunk. How sad, right?