Herriott Grace

Like most kids in middle school, I had to take those standardized tests and without fail, my reference skills were always off the chart. I credit my father for this small victory due to the fact that his answer to everything when I was a kid was “Look it Up.”

Before joining the postal service, he sold encyclopedias, so our beautiful leather-bound books were always on display. I remember running my fingers over the spines as I looked for the letter that associated with the subject on my mind. I would get lost flipping from book to book and my obsession with digesting information grew with the invention of Google. 

On any given day, I spend hours researching one thing that leads me to investigating something else and along the way, I find really cool stuff. Now for most of you, you would Pin It, but I just can’t seem to remember the point of Pinterest. I know it’s bad, but until I remember to click this little button, I thought I’d just throw it up on my blog and share with you guys!

My latest discovery is Herriott Grace - a father and daughter duo based in Canada that sells hand carved and hand turned wooden objects. All are one-of-a-kind and made entirely of salvaged, chemical-free wood, ranging in type, age, and origin. They’ve also introduced a select line of exclusive porcelain dishes and other delightful kitchen wares. 

I watched their documentary and it made me cry and now I really want to launch a company with my dad! Here are a few of my favorites products that I intend to buy!

Photo source - www.herriottgrace.com