Fresh Face

I would usually say Happy Monday, but are Mondays ever happy? Eh. They are actually kind of a drag, which is why I like to keep Sundays as chill as possible. For me, it makes the day feel longer and calms my mind for the week ahead. When night rolls around, I put myself in relaxation mode by lighting my favorite candle, treating myself to a little DIY facial and flipping on the Kardashians. 

Lately, I've been hooked on the Rosé collection from Fresh. I purchased a gift set from Sephora a few months back because my skin was super dry and rose was the perfect solution - it's packed with nutrients that help to hydrate, soothe, tone, and restore the skin.

The set came with a face mask, infused with rose petals, which leaves my skin feeling soft and subtle, an alcoholic-free toner for a glowing, toned complexion, an eye gel cream that's super cooling to the touch and a tinted sugar lip treatment, to instantly soothe chapped lips. I can definitely say it's helping and much needed this time of year. To prep my skin before the mask, I use my Fresh Soy Face Cleanser and Soy Face Exfoliant. To say I'm a Fresh fan is a major understatement and I highly recommend you give their products a try!

Now that you know my Sunday ritual, I would love to hear yours in the comments below. Let's be friends!

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