I bought the Glossier Phase 1 Set a few months back because I wanted to support Into the Gloss and founder/girl crush Emily Weiss. What she has been able to accomplish these past five years is ridiculous and to see her succeed gives me hope. It gives me hope that one day Clara Mae James will be the hippest lifestyle site on the block and it will turn into a recognizable brand. It's dreams like this that keep me going and people like Emily, who are living the dream, that help make me believe anything is possible when you put your heart into something. So, let's talk Glossier. 

There's nothing cooler than a skin tint in a puffy paint bottle - am I right? I was a little skeptical at first because I'm not in my 20s and I have a few dark spots, but used in combination with the moisturizer and the mist gave me a nice dewy glow. The balm dotcom is an all-around multi-tasker, which is a must for any beauty line - I like to use on my cuticles and my lips. And Glossier just came out with two masks that I'm dying to try because I love a good DIY facial every now and then. 

Have you tried Glossier yet? If so, let me know, so we can bond over our obsession with beauty, our love of pretty package design and cool girls who hustle :)

P.S. Stay warm!