How to Style a Vintage Skirt: Part III

You guys! I really outdid myself on the vintage skirt front this week. My hope is that there's a tiny little piece of you that is considering a thrift shop excursion this weekend and a vintage skirt in your future. I will wait patiently for the Instagram photos. 

If you read the blog this week, you know that I've been throwing out thrifting tips like it's my job, but sometimes the best vintage clothes belong to your family! Take this skirt for example - it used to belong to my mother before I stole it a few a years ago. She was an elementary school teacher and had THE BEST wardrobe. I especially love this skirt because of the buttons. It feels so Angela Chase. So, my last tip is to raid your mom, grandma, aunt, great-aunt's closet. I even have clothes that belonged to my dad! 

For look #3, I paired this skirt with a denim, pinstriped top from the Gap (if you click on the link, notice the half tuck), and tied the bottom for an 80s vibe. I busted out my Ray-Ban Clubmasters to take the look even further down memory lane and then just threw on the same shoes and put my Annie Bukhman handbag over my shoulder. What else is new?

So that's a wrap for Vintage Skirt Week! Hope it was everything you wished for and more. Until next time, ciao!