Joy and James' Breathtaking Brooklyn Bash

I think I've mentioned this before, but in nine and a half years (my entire post-college life) I've attended 35 weddings. 35 Weddings! Kind of ridiculous, I know. But at the same time, I'm just so thankful and honored to have been chosen to witness such a beautiful tradition time and time again. I've pretty much seen it all - barns, farms, rooftops, beaches, cocktail style, buffet style, family style. But if I had to list my top five prettiest weddings I've been to, our good friends James and Joy would make the cut. 

Now I usually kick these posts off by talking a little bit about the bride, but this story starts with the groom. James and I go way back - pretty much since the day I was invited to my first post-college wedding. We worked together at a job that I never should have accepted except I wouldn't be here today writing this post if it wasn't for that dreadfully painful place. 

James and I weren't that close. We would bitch about work during work and then start it all over again the next day. I knew he had a roommate named Jay and lived in Astoria. I knew he was from a town called Hicksville, which I thought was a joke and that was it. A few months in to the job, I decided it wasn't for me and never looked back. 

James remained on my buddy list because AIM was a thing back then. He also somehow got on my g-chat list and I figured he would just remain in my life in this weird, cyberspace way. But fast-forward four years, and he's dining al fresco with his former roommate Jay and I walk by. We say hello and for the first time, I meet my future husband. The boy I probably heard stories about in 2005, the boy I probably had the chance to meet but passed and the boy who would later sweep me off my feet. So, here we are four years later, James is back in my life, I'm falling in love with his best friend and he's falling in love with a girl named Joy. The world could not be a better place for the four us. 

Now meet Joy! Her name kind of sums it up. She's cheerful, creative and smart. She has a cool Tumblr with her twin sister and an etsy shop where she sells her whimsical illustrations. Her style is Anthropologie meets...Anthropologie and that's never a bad thing. She's hip and cool and always gives off good vibes. And quite honestly, the world needs more people like her or maybe more people named Joy. So without further ado, take a glimpse into their enchanted and romantic evening in Brooklyn - it was the perfect blend of Joy's feminine vintage charm and James' love of yesteryear. 


In one word, how would you describe your wedding day?  Does "Too marvelous for words" count? My grandfather would've said that.

What was your inspiration? Right out of high school, I had worked as a server in a catering hall. So, I saw a lot of weddings. One after another, they all seemed exactly the same. But when my sister Noelle was getting married 4 years ago, I watched her imagine her whole day differently with DIY details, where all of her creative friends and family got together to make her day really special. I had never seen a wedding like it before. So, Noelle is inspirational. She shared with me all of her favorite wedding blogs, venues, dress designers and took me to fantastic events like The Cream where I found vendors like our DJ. I wouldn't have had a clue where to begin planning my wedding without her. 

What was your favorite wedding blog or website that you trolled on a daily basis? I don't know what any bride ever did before Pinterest. And even though the self-proclaimed evil club of mean hipster brides, is well, mean, there's great advice on East Side Bride. 

What is the one piece of advice that you wish someone would have told you before your wedding? This sounds a little negative but hear me out. Something, if not many somethings, will go wrong on your wedding day. In order of severity, the morning of my wedding consisted of a mouse, a broken finger, lost luggage, a nearly towed car, and rain. I was stressed. Before I let that get to me, though, I tried to relax, sip my champagne and remember that I was marrying my James and nothing was really getting in the way of that. So that's what matters. And it's a good story. Would it really be any fun if everything went smoothly? Just keep telling yourself: "One day, this will be funny."

What was your first dance song? James and I danced to Okkervil River's "Seas Too Far To Reach". James has always introduced me to new bands and Okkervil River was one of them. Before we were dating, he told me to listen to this song. And then I couldn't stop listening to it. The lyrics are sad but also real and stunning. We identified with it and became our song. To me, it brings me to that place in my memory when our relationship was just beginning. 

What is the best part of marriage? Doing nothing together is the best part of marriage. This first year went by fast. We were so busy. We had adventures, visited new places and adopted furry friends in our tiny family. I know our time together will always be like this. So, I try to be present and snuggle up to the boring, quiet moments and cherish it all with him. And I love saying, "My husband." That's a very fun part.

Any wise words on life as a wife? I wish I could say that I live by these words all the time: "Communicate with your partner, no matter what." It's funny how quickly nothing can turn into something just by not talking about it. I try to follow this way of thinking and I think I'm pretty good at it. Those words go great with these words, "Just let it go." My best friend, Heather, gave me a funny book called "Don'ts for Wives" by Blanche Ebbutt from 1913. I was delighted to see my wise words were more or less in there, in Chapter II, How To Avoid Discord. Although, back then, Mrs. Ebbutt put it much more eloquently.  

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Photography: Feather & Twine Photography | Gown: Sarah Seven Via Lovely Bride | Tailoring and Alterations: Rebecca Schoneveld | Bride's Shoes: Loeffler Randall | Invitations: Jason Chiusano | Programs, Thank You Notes, Signs: Heather Francovitch | Engagement Ring: Eliana Designs (Custom Designed By The Groom) | Bride's Wedding Band: Dawes Designs At The Clay Pot | Groom's Band: In God We Trust | Maid Of Honor Dress: Joanna August | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Jenny Yoo | Flower Girl Dresses: The Little Pea Boutique | Make-up: Mandy Bisesti | Hair: Seventy Jane Arniotis | DJ: The Human Jukebox | Catering: Naturally Delicious | Favors: Gentle Brew Cake, Desserts And Cookie Favors: Milk Bar | Doughnut Desserts: Doughnut Plant | Florals: Bedford & Co. | Furniture Rentals: It's An Occasion | Transportation: The NY Trolley Company | Event Design: Glitter + Rye | Venue: The Green Building