Matte French Manicure with Sheer Pink Tip


I’ve been obsessed with nude nails all summer and I’m planning to continue this look through fall. I just find the simplicity sexy and sophisticated, plus I’m exhausted with elaborate nail art (don’t hate me!). That said, I still want to have some fun with my nails!

For this look, I used OPI’s It’s A Girl nail polish (two coats) and then used a matte topcoat to cover each nail with one coat. Once fully dry, I used a pale pink (Essie’s South of the Hi’way) instead of the usual white to paint a thin, glossy line across the tip of the nail. For a super clean line, you can also use nail guide sticks like the Orly French Manicure Tip Guides. To finish, I brushed a regular topcoat over the nail tip only. 

The french is very subtle, which I actually love. I wish I had thought of this look for my wedding - it would be so elegant for a bride!