Fallen for Modcloth

As it always does somehow, Halloween snuck up on us and we're headed into NOVEMBER! I feel like October has been a blur, but one thing I do know, it's F'in cold outside...for now. It will be 70 degrees on Saturday. So, how are we supposed to deal? Transition coats. 

Modcloth is a brand that I've known about forever, but it was never really on my radar until I moved to Pittsburgh, which happens to be where the brand got its start as a CMU startup. They've since moved their headquarters to SF, but I was fortunate to connect with the brand at a recent pop-up. Let me tell you - they have the perfect selection of transition coats among other things like the shoes I'm wearing in these photos that totally remind me of the Gucci Princetowns minus the fur and super cute sweaters!

This red moto-style corduroy jacket is essential for the Fall. It's photographing red, but it's more of a rust and gives off a total 70s vibe. It's a perfect statement piece. And this adorable rain coat is reversible! I'm not usually a floral person, but this caught my eye and again, has this vintage charm - which I guess all Modcloth pieces have and why I should have been shopping here for years. Lesson learned.

Keep scrolling for a few other coats I have my eye on!

Jeans and Ciao top (sold-out) from Madewell.