New Series

I’m 30, consumed with my job as a beauty public relations professional and newly married. I now have adult things to think about like finances and the thought of kids! I went from lusting for aHermès to lusting for a house and everyday I’m learning. I’m learning to grow up and act like the adult I need to be, learning about the joys and sometimes struggles of your boyfriend now being called your family and learning about the importance of taking every day as a blessing as we age.

I sometimes don’t like to admit that I’m learning since I want you/him/them to think I always know the right answer, but I’m learning. And so I’m starting a new series to document my findings called “Grown Girl Words.”  These little tidbits will probably be a combination of actual new lessons/advice passed on to me and realizations of what I already know and too stubborn to admit. Either way, it will help me and I hope help you.

Please check back tomorrow for the first post. Ahhh!!!!