No More Shoe Drama

I attended a brainstorm at work the other day and I was asked to write down my biggest fashion pet peeves during Fall/Winter (yes - this is my life) and you wanna know my answer? SHOES! I never have the right pair for the outfit I want to wear. It's not like the Summer where I can throw on a wedge and call it a day. This is a huge issue for me and because of this, I'm a) perpetually late for work and b) blowing my money on shoes that only fit with one specific look in mind instead of buying a versatile pair that goes with everything. And you would think after how many seasons of careless shoe sprees, I would get it together, but sure enough I fail. 

Not this season! I refuse - it's not going to happen. 2014 will be the year of the perfect Fall/Winter shoe collection that will take me through 2015 and beyond and the hunt is already in full swing. Where am I looking you ask? Banana Republic. I hate to admit this, but this used to be a store I would walk into and immediately walk out of once I realized it wasn't J. Crew. But their Instagram campaign got me - I've suddenly seen my favorite fashion bloggers donning effortlessly cool ensembles styled by Banana and it made really want to shop there. It worked! The new creative direction of Marissa Webb also played a role I'm sure. 

Check out a few shoes I have my eye on - not only are they super cute but they're functional and function matters in the Fall - trust me.