NYC Guide - Bedlam

Remember when bachelorette parties lasted like five hours? Maybe you don’t, but I had a lot of friends that got married pretty soon after college, pre-Hangover. Back then you would “pre-game” at somebody’s apartment, head out to the club and that was that! Now, you essentially commit to a spring break-ish trip except you have to worry about taking time off of work, being skinny and not looking cheap while still being…cheap.

So when my bach rolled around, I decided to stay local. However, local for me meant NYC. I was lucky enough to have friends from all over travel to be with me, but I did my best not to choose overpriced spots. All I wanted to do was dance and I couldn’t think of a better place than a gay bar. We ended up at Bedlam - it was unpretentious, dimly lit, housed a giant moose on the wall and played the best music you will ever hear. Best part - no one judged the group of 12 dressed like Clueless!

Drinks - 5 stars here because I’m pretty sure drinks were cheap. It only has two $ on Yelp so it can’t be that bad!

Dating - This really depends on where you are in the relationship. If you’re a boy with a boy, I would not go there if you’ve only been dating for a month or so because it’s a bit tempting - lots of pretty gays here. If you’re a girl with a boy and your man LOVES to dance than I’d say go for it, but the pretty boys might scoop him up! 

Drama - 0 stars. You will have so much fun dancing your little heart out that there will be no room for drama in your life at Bedlam. Just writing this makes me wanna go this weekend!

J, M, Z to Delancey or F to Essex.