NYC Guide - Harlow

There are three things that people love to ask me about - directions, restaurant/bar recommendations and boys. I don’t know what it is about me that attracts these questions, but I’m all for it. So I thought to myself, why not talk about these things on the blog?

Every Tuesday, I plan to share my NYC Guide post - a guide to life in this crazy city combined with a guide of my favorite spots. And if you live here, you know that this place is all about three things - drinking, dating and drama. When you’re over this, it’s time to leave and head upstate. To measure these very important elements, I plan to institute a rating system so you always know what to expect. 

First place we need to talk about is Harlow. I have a special place in my heart for this midtown gem. It’s the brainchild of Richie Notar, Danny Ye and Sean Dillon, all of whom I worked with during my four years at Nobu. If there is one job that I would highly recommend to young girls who just transplanted to the concrete jungle, it’s a hostess/coat check gig. Not only did I eat for free, walk away with a decent amount of cash money and learn to love food, I also made some pretty awesome friends. Some are scattered around the world at other Nobu locations and others are killing it at their own spots like Danny and Sean. 

Harlow offers an unexpected hip vibe that’s hard to come by on the Upper East combined with the usual suit-and-tie scene. It’s a place that’s actually bearable if you’re like me and easily annoyed by clean-shaven men and pearl-dripped ladies. The menu  makes your mouth water and the old Hollywood glamour decor is stunning. Even the bathroom smells heavenly!

On to the rating:

Drinks - I give this place 4 stars for drinks. A. because the bar manager (what up Max!) is at my apartment right now watching football with my husband and B. because they are strong. Drinks are pricey though, but comparable to other high-end restaurants in the hood.

Dating - 4 stars here. If you’re on a date, make a reservation and sit in the main dining area. I would suggest this place early on in the relationship because it’s expensive (girls will understand that one.) If you’re on the prowl, the lounge/bar area is a watering hole for successful men. Best nights are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

Drama - 5 stars. Like I said, the drinks are strong and that only leads to heated disagreements about the next mayor or a heavy flirting sesh. It’s definitely a who’s who kind of place, so the egos are up there. This fact mixed with fancy cocktails and sexy tunes is always a recipe for drama. If you’re looking for some excitement in the 50s, this is your spot.

4, 5, 6, N, Q, R to 59th Street