Obsessing Over Lately

Hi guys! I’m in-flight right now, but wanted to let you in on what I’ve been up to and my latest obsessions:

  • I just spent the last 48 hours with Jen from Head to Toe working on a fun project for my client. If you haven’t checked out her YouTube channel, you must head over there immediately! My favorite tutorials include this one and this one!
  • While in Seattle, I dropped into Pendleton and fell in love with this coat (mom - take note!)
  • I still have my eye on this backpack, but also considering this one as well. I know it’s a splurge, but a great quality handbag is a must! I think I need this little guy too ha!
  • Besides being a shopaholic lately, I’m also really obsessed podcasts like the rest of the world. I started listening to Slate’s Serial Spoiler Specials podcast. It’s sort of like a book club recap where they discuss, in depth, the latest episode, but what’s so interesting is their thoughtful critique of Sarah Koenig’s storytelling approach from a journalistic point of view - I strongly recommend listening!
  • I’m also madly in love with the concept behind Homepolish. It’s a fairly new start-up that provides affordable interior design services. They just did this office redesign for Into the Gloss and it’s beyond beautiful.
  • I recently read this article in Lucky Magazine about one of my favorite shop owners and I’m now obsessed with her home and wanting a home!
  • And lastly, I’ve been obsessed with my long hair that I no longer have - see above. Why did I ever cut it!