Home Sweet Home

Welcome to our home! It’s been super fun to set up the place and every day we’re hanging more pictures and making new decisions. Our living room is just about finished and CMJ HQ aka the guest room is next on the list and of course, the husband’s office. It’s kind of ridiculous how much space we have and quite a shock coming from our 600-square-foot box in Brooklyn. The convenience thing is still an issue for me, but nothing beats coming home to this wide open space. 

We’re being really picky with our furniture choices because we want everything to be just right and so, we’ve resorted to making things like these shelves. The brackets are from IKEA and the wood was stained to slightly match the floors. We also finally got around to putting pillows in our kilim pillow cases…after all, it’s only been three years since we bought on our honeymoon in Turkey. And now that we’re using them, I kinda wish we bought more. We don’t have any plans to go back to Istanbul any time soon (tear), but I did discover this amazing shop with a pretty big selection. Their IG feed provides some dreamy interior design inspiration too and while we’re on the topic, I’ve love this feed, this feed and this one!

I’d say our vibe is Mediterranian Modern, which is certainly an evolution from where we’ve been before. I have a feeling that we’ll be in this mood for years to come and the plants are what really tie the space together. The only new addition to our family so far is the fiddle leaf fig tree and it’s not doing so good right now. If anyone has tips to care for this tree, let us know! 

We also finally (a lot of finally’s here) fixed up our little Danish chair, which we found at a stoop sale in Brooklyn. We had cushions made and picked out this orangish color to complement the rug and moved our leather ottoman over for a cute sitting area. The faux sheepskin is from IKEA too and Jay despises it. I think it’s chic. The only other chair I desperately want is a lovesac. Have you seen these things? Unbelievable, right? Now that we frequent the mall way too much, we find ourselves swooning over this giant bean bag. The price is silly - so expensive - so we make the most of our store visits. I think I’m going to save my pennies and pull the trigger this year though. Fingers crossed. 

Hmmm - what else can I say about the space? We still don’t have many friends, so this our most favorite place in the world. It’s calming and bright and airy. It’s feels very Jay and Jamie, which I like and I’m excited for us. We think it’s gonna be a good year here in Pittsburgh. 

Until next time! xo,Jamie