Gift Guide: For the Serial Fan

Did you hear the news? There is a second season of Serial. A SECOND season. This is great news! I can't even remember life without this podcast. We started listening October 10th during a ride to visit my sister in DC and after the first episode, we were hooked. I'm actually very thankful for Serial because it opened my mind up to so many other podcasts, including Slate's Serial Spoiler Specials podcast, which I talked about here, Criminal and 99% Invisible. My brain is full of new information and I love it!

So with Serial hopefully taking us into the new year, into the frigid cold months of winter, I thought it would be fitting to do a gift guide for the Serial-obsessed like me! Here are all the accessories to make this listening experience even better:

  1. These white leather and rose gold plated headphones to look ultra chic on your walk to work
  2. This portable charger so you can never find yourself not able to listen to Serial
  3. This vintage-inspired bluetooth gramophone for when you decide you rather listen to Serial than watch #TGIT. Pop some popcorn and turn down the lights - it's actually really fun
  4. These leather and fur tech gloves so you can reply, rewind and research on-the-go without getting frost bite
  5. This phone case that says it all
  6. This car charger that charges a million things when you've drained all the battery power thanks to Serial