Sewing is the New Scrolling

I've been searching for a hobby for quite some time - something that didn't involve a screen. I came very close to buying a loom, but that felt too trendy. I landed on sewing! My in-laws bought me a machine for the holidays and I immediately signed up for lessons. I'm six weeks in and I've already made a skirt, a zipper pouch (click here for the tutorial I used) and today, I finished this dress! As someone who constantly app hops from Facebook to Snapchat to Instagram and back with a few email refreshers in between, I needed to step away from the phone, and sewing has been lovely. 

My next project is a tank top and pants - something kind of Ace and Jig-ish for the spring. I'm hoping that I'm advanced enough to make a pattern from the Merchant & Mills Workbook, so we'll see. I'll tell ya, this hobby is not cheap, but it is pretty satisfying to complete a project and say "I made this." It's also made me reconsider where I buy my clothes and what to buy. I have a feeling I'll be shopping less and making more. The big question now is - do I purchase an embroidery machine?!

If you want to follow along on my sewing journey (because I know that's what you're all dying to do), I'll be posting more projects on my Instagram. And if you live in Pittsburgh, come to sewing class with me! 

Until next time, ciao!