Standing Room Only

I never know what to say when writing style posts and to be honest, this look is all Topshop from mid-shoulder to mid-calf. If you read my last post about traveling, this is the number one outfit NOT to wear to the airport. First of all, the jeans are high-waisted and sitting is a pain. This is also my first time in a bodysuit since third grade and I can't even imagine what it would be like in an airplane bathroom in this thing. So, basically...if you want a cute look to stand around in at a hightop while you drink your last rosé of the season or you want to do a quick drive-by to check out the scene at the San Gennaro Feast, this ensemble has your name written all over it.

The shoes though! They were a steal at DSW and I can't even find them online anymore. I specifically bought them so that I didn't look like a teenage boy from the 90s rocking some extra long Southpole jean shorts, if you know what I mean. Who knows, maybe I'm still giving off that vibe, but I hope not.

Happy FriYAY!