Born in PGH. Made in NYC.

Welcome to PGH. For me, these images paint a good picture of my new city. It's relatively small with an industrial, working-class vibe. The mostly brick homes stand close together to form tight-knit communities separated by three rivers. It's the proud home of immigrant families who settled among the hills to live the American Dream, and the signs of steel surround you - a constant reminder of the city's rich history and good fortune that put PGH on the map. 

If you could walk the streets, you'd see the collision of old and new. The elderly are out in full force living happily next to the young engineers of Google. The pawn shop stands next to the latest micro-brewery drawing the city's finest bearded hipsters. Creatives of all ages find inspiration in one another and support each other any way they can. 

I have to say it's quite refreshing and a drastic change from New York City where everything was shiny and new - a playground for the rich and young who make the poor and young feel wildly unaccomplished. Any way you toss the dice, the struggle was real. 

For once, we are experiencing this thing called "Quality of Life" and it's great. Don't get me wrong - I think about our charming Brooklyn life often, but the change was much needed and I hold the memories close to my heart. One thing that I do miss dearly about Brooklyn is the fashion. I can't tell you how many times I wanted to ask a 6-year old where she bought her leather jacket and then ask her mom where she bought her clogs. The sense of style is amazing and the shopping is absolutely the best. 

I didn't realize it until after we shot these pictures, but most of my outfit is from local Brooklyn shops or NYC-based designers. The overalls are from Courtshop, the oversized Burberry shirt is from my favorite consignment store Eva Gentry and the drawstring bag is from Baggu. The sunnies are from Oliver Peoples, but found at my old eyeglass shop Urban Optical. 

For now, Brooklyn is my inspiration, but I'm excited to explore what this city has to offer. I'm on the lookout for independent brands and designers to feature, so please share in the comments if you can. 

Thanks and talk soon. 

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NYC Guide - Red Hook Edition

If you're looking for fun first-date options, laid-back birthday party outings or just want to get out of the city for an afternoon - Red Hook is the answer! Until recently, my Red Hook visits consisted of Ikea trips and olive oil drive-bys at Fairway, but the husband and I took to the streets this weekend and did some exploring. What we found was a thriving neighborhood with art, culture and alcohol!

Read on for our must-do list of activities! We had a blast!

Start the day with brunch at Botanica - the enchanting, romantic decor will easily transport you to another world. 

Start the day with brunch at Botanica - the enchanting, romantic decor will easily transport you to another world.


Once you've satisfied your palate, head next door for a tour of Cacao Prieto where they produce a line of fine chocolate bars and cocoa-based liquors and rums. 

It's also the home of Widow Jane and a whiskey tasting is a must. 

We strongly advise chasing your flight with a shot of hot chocolate - did I mention Cacao Prieto is 100% vegan?


Next stop on the tour is Van Brunt Stillhouse, but there are plenty of charming shops along the way like Kempton & Co., makers of tech-friendly leather handbags, and Papillionaire - the perfect place to scoop up the retro-inspired bicycle you've be wanting. 

Ahhh - on to more whiskey tastings. The Bourbon is divine - nice and smooth sipped neat.  

And if you're brave enough - a shot of Moonshine. You will probably go buy a bike after this one.


Soak some of that liquor up with the one and only, authentic Maine Style lobster roll from Red Hook Lobster Pound - drool. 


And why not end the day on a fancy note with something sophisticated like a visit to an art gallery - Red Hook has many! Pioneer Works is an art gallery and residency with a beautiful backyard. The current exhibition is a photo essay of the oldest living organisms in the world!

Finally, say goodbye to Red Hook from the open waters with a water taxi ride to your next destination. 

Well, I hope this was informative. I certainly had fun gallivanting around Red Hook with the husband on a lazy Saturday (Sundays are for football now) and I'm sure you will too! If you end up there and you come across a spot I didn't mention, please let me know in the comments!

Have fun!

Fall Frumpy Chic

Fall has arrived! I've been secretly wishing for this season to come all year. Maybe it's because I can't find the energy for the gym so I've been resorting to baggy clothes vs. the typical summery sundresses (but calling it a new sporty look) all season or maybe it's because I have NO plans this fall. Regardless it's here! Chunky knits, winter whites, badass motorcycle jackets are calling my name! Something else calling my name is the drop crotch (aka harem pants) - my slouchy look is reaching new heights with this one...or should I say reaching new lows :)

Now the question that I always struggle with is...can I wear this to work? 

Shop this outfit: Jacket from Zara, Sweater from Tibi, Pants from NLST, Shoes from Zara

Weekend Wear


Every summer, my life gets busier and busier and there's only one way I know how to relax - kicking it back at home in Brooklyn wearing basically an outfit that could be confused for PJs. We took these photos a few weeks after our trip to the Philippines (pics coming soon) and at this time, I was all about the island life. I still think I'm all about the island life. 


Shop this outfit: Hat from Vince Camuto, Sweatshirt from Uniqlo, Shorts from H&M, Shoes from the night market in the Philippines and coffee from Cafe Grumpy