Pet Talk in Plaid

Why do you always have an amazing hair day right before you’re about to get a haircut? That’s what happened to me on the day we shot this outfit. It looks great, right? We took these photos hours before I went to Muze Salon to dye my hair purple! I’ll share pictures soon. I promise. 

Today’s imaginary accessory is a French bulldog! I’ve never had a dog…never really had a pet unless you count a goldfish. I did have a gerbil for a brief period when I was eight, but I don’t talk about that time in my life. Let’s just say I wasn’t ready for the responsibility. 

But honestly, I think I’m ready for a dog. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do after you get married and before you have kids? I can just see myself now, in my little Zara suit and penny loafers, walking my dog in Prospect Park. I would finally have an excuse to talk to neighbors because they would all fawn over my dog. I would meet all sorts of interesting people thanks to our common love of furry four-legged friends and I say love, but really I would only love my dog and not others if I’m being honest. I don’t even know how much dogs cost! But if you’re reading this, Jason, I want a dog. 


Shop this outfit: Suit from Zara, Vintage Sweater from Beacon’s Closet, Shoes from Sebago.