Pinterest: Where Dreams Are Made

Hey y'all! I'm feeling kinda southern because I just spent 36 hours in ATL! If you haven't been, you need to go. It's such a cool city - nothing like I expected. Everyone is super hip, kinda punk and really outgoing. I was there for work filming a YouTube video for my client (behind the camera, of course!) and I got such a positive vibe from the city.

Anyway, I'm currently on a plane right now and started to mess around with Pinterest. My Pinterest interest comes and goes...for some reason, I'm just not sold on it yet. But every now and then, I get hooked and tonight was one of those nights. I thought I would share a few of the inspiring images I just pinned to my Honey I'm Home board. Aren't they dreamy?! I would love to check out your style, so if you're one of those crazy obsessed pinners, click Let's Be Friends and follow me. I'll be sure to follow you back. I need y'all to get me to fall in love with Pinterest!!!

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