The Good Ol’ Decoupage Days

Picture this: Pittsburgh, 1994, it’s the height of the sunflower craze thanks to a show called Blossom. I’m sitting at home cutting out an array of images of my favorite flower to decoupage on my social studies notebook. The next day I show up at school in my Catholic school uniform, long navy cardigan, scrunched tube socks and fake Timberland boots - a style I became obsessed with after watching Sister Act 2. I carried with me my new sunflower-covered Mead and it was a hit with the crew! 

Why did I tell this story like Sophia from The Golden Girls? I have no idea, but I thought it was fitting for this very 90s craft. Although I’m not a student anymore, I still go through notebooks like crazy at work. Why not take a page from my childhood and jazz them up a bit? It’s fun and relaxing and the perfect project for a freezing Sunday. Make sure to listen to the 90s station on Spotify - it makes everything better.