Thoughts on Weekend to Work Wear

Remember when it was 60 degrees? That was nice. We shot these photos during that 48-hour window on Sunday. I wore this outfit again on Tuesday to work. I figured it was a slow week and I had plans to go to the Billy Joel concert that night so it felt appropriate, but a small part of me felt like a badass and thought maybe it wasn't the right move. Why is my struggle with wearing work-appropriate clothing so real? And this is not something new. When it was time to apply for a job in the real world, my only criteria that I was heavily weighing was if I could wear jeans to the office or not. I'm sorry, mom. This criteria has stuck with me over the past ten years and I have yet to accept a job where I couldn't push the dress code limit at least one day a week.

For so many reasons, I want to raise the bar with work wear. I'm not saying I don't love this outfit, but it probably should be saved for a Sunday as with most of my clothes. Here is why I need to step it up:

1. My dad has taught me from a young age to "dress for the job you want, not the job you have." He's notorious for overdressing and always looks sharp. And though he served as a mailman for 30 years in the same uniform, he found many opportunities to clean up and I get my love of fashion from him. I get my shopping addiction from my mom.

2. I think it will make me look older and by default, people will take me more seriously. I hate to say this still happens - people lessening your credibility due to your youthful appearance - but it happens. I can't tell you how many people treat me differently when they find out I'm approaching 32. They also get jealous.

3. It's always best to overdress in any situation because you never know where the day might take you. The more projects I'm assigned to at work, the more visibility I have to senior leaders. This kind of scares me because my candor is sometimes unexpected, but at least I'll be dressed to impress. I'll also be more inclined to do something fun after work instead of rushing to my couch. 

So with all that said (and that was a lot and so far from where I thought I was going with this post,) I'm committing yet again to find a work style that feels comfortable and appropriate. Are you ready?!

Until next time...

Shop this look: sweater dress from Levi's (it's 30% off the entire site right now!), cardigan is so old hence the stains, but similar here and here, hat from Zarabag from Elliott Lucca - a couple years old, but I love this one too, boots from Free People, sunglasses from Ray-ban