Woolrich Weather

So, I’ll stop intro’ing every post with “life has been insane lately” because I’ve come to peace with this fact and it is what it is. And luckily, I have this blog as an escape. The part that sucks is this weather, so style posts will be on hold until the sun decides to come out. These photos, however, were taken after the first snowfall in NYC, which seems like so long ago. We didn’t make it any farther than our backyard.

Besides showing off my mom’s Woolrich coat from 25 years ago that I stole last time I was home (it happens), I thought I’d share what I’ve been up to outside of red carpet madness:

  • I’ve started to read this book because I liked the cover.
  • This product is my current beauty obsession and my skin has never looked so good - a major plus a week out before the big 3-2.
  • I think I’m going to buy these earrings and these running shoes as a nice little treat to myself.
  • Marissa Webb, Suno, Banana Republic and J.Crew have been my favorite shows during Fashion Week.
  • I finally got a few products from my Rent the Runway subscription service - this, this and this to be exact.
  • I bought UGGS! I’m still in denial, but bought these little leather booties in brown, which I think are cute.
  • I’m going through a baba ghanoush phase and can’t stop eating it.
  • I bumped into Nick Lachey last week at the airport in Cincinnati and we took a pic! The part of me that’s stuck in 10th grade was ecstatic.
  • My happy place is Friday Night Lights and I’ve been watching every night to shut my brain off - thank you, Tim Riggins.
  • I foresee my next happy place being LuckyShops.com - have you seen the new site since it launched last week? Game changer.

That’s it for now! I’m currently at my fave hotel 21c in Cincinnati for work (again) and about to chow down on this meal. I can’t wait! Be back soon.