Wellness Events

We're firm believers in listening to your body and filling your brain with knowledge to make informed decisions. That's why we also host events featuring wellness experts from multiple disciplines from gut health to maternal health. It's a fun way to learn something new and make a friend along the way!


Next event: Mother’s Week with Clara Mae James - May 11-15


A week of free virtual events for pregnant and postpartum mamas because a day is not nearly enough right now. Join us for a week of honest discussions all about motherhood. Our event series aims to give you the tools to help navigate this new chapter in your life. We’ll get real about what to expect postpartum, how to care for yourself and important resources for support. And of course, how to deal with this major life shift amid a pandemic.

The meeting link for all sessions is: https://bit.ly/ClaraMaeJames with the exception of yoga. For yoga, use https://bit.ly/CMJYoga

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MONDAY (5/11)

SESSION 1 (8pm ET/ 5pm PT): Emotional Support: Building Your Birth Team with Bethany Brown, Co-Founder of Bloom Birth Concierge

  • Ways to build your birth team amid a pandemic
  • Partner tips for birthing during COVID-19
  • Pregnancy support group


TUESDAY (5/12)

SESSION 2 (8pm ET/ 5pm PT): A Mother's State of Mind: Postpartum Mental Health with Rebecca Pollack, Behavioral Health Clinician, LCSW, Alexis Joy D’Achille Center for Perinatal Mental Health

  • Deep dive into the spectrum of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders
  • Warning signs for you and your partner
  • Preparing for the fourth trimester amid a pandemic
  • Coping mechanisms



SESSION 3 (12pm ET/ 9am PT): Prenatal Yoga: Working Our Pelvic Floor with Stefanie Zito, 500 E-RYT

  • A framework for understanding the pelvic floor and it's core connection
  • The synergistic role of breath
  • A restorative flow to apply this framework and strengthen the pelvic floor


THURSDAY (5/14) - NEW!!!

SESSION 4 (8pm ET/ 5pm PT):

A Growing Family: How to Prepare & Support Siblings Around A New Baby with Hannah Olavarria & Kelty Green of the popular podcast Upbringing

  • Mindfully preparing older siblings for a smoother transition
  • Sensitively supporting their big feelings, regressions and resistance
  • Respectfully establishing boundaries and limits to keep everyone feeling secure


FRIDAY (5/15)

SESSION 5 (8pm ET/ 5pm PT): The Making of Ordinary Insanity: Fear and the Silent Crisis of Motherhood in America! by Author Sarah Menkedick

  • A short reading
  • Discussion about anxiety and the hidden side of motherhood
  • The making of Sarah's latest work of nonfiction, a groundbreaking exposé and diagnosis of the silent epidemic of fear afflicting mothers, and a candid, feminist deep dive into the culture, science, history, and psychology of contemporary motherhood

To order the book in advance, click here.

“Searing....Menkedick is a skilled storyteller and her accounts of women from varied socioeconomic and racial backgrounds drive home how little society has to offer mothers....Her wide-ranging narrative touches on everything from neurobiology to politics and psychology, and it mirrors what anxiety feels like.” —Susannah Cahalan, The New York Times Book Review